Supporters and Endorsements

Elected Officials

Former Elected Officials

Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt
Treasurer Alishia Topper Senator Al Bauer
  Representative Jim Moeller
  County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris
  County Auditor Doug Lasher
  Councilmember Jack Burkman


International Association of Fire Fighters 452 Victory Fund


David Nierenberg Elie Kassab George Francisco
Majorie Ledell Tom Lineham Andrew Cleveland
Tanisha Harris Aimee Selnes Jude & Katie Jolma
Jacquie Morales Alicia Lowe Jan & Bob Verrinder
Cody McHaney Rob Cloke Kerri Altom
Marsha Manning Mark & Patti Maggiora Paul Van Der Salm
Bill Gross Don & Alona Steinke Delena Meyer
Peter Aller Dr.  Alden Robert Dr. Sally Williams
Carl Griffin Ron Benfield Marguerite Matusak
Kelly Lund Nancy Vartanian Melissa Boles
Tim Schauer Sid Clark Linda Lee
Tanisha Harris Esther Schrader Harold Abbe
Lee Jensen Tim Carrier David Letinich
Mike Pond Dale Chambers Jim Bennett
Tim Schauer    


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