Improving Transportation

For many who live in Vancouver, commuting to the metropolitan area for work and leisure is something we do nearly every day. Yet infrastructure investment has matched up with the importance of infrastructure to our city. Traffic congestion is a major issue throughout our city. Longer commute times take away time from our businesses, who have to dedicate more time to delivering their goods in services; and time from every day residents; who have to spend more time commuting instead of being with their families, friends, or patronizing local businesses. Further, congestion decreases the livability of our community as it results in unnecessary air pollution.

 Ty recognizes the crucial role that infrastructure plays in the livability and growth of our community, and recognizes the many steps that need to be taken to improve our cities transportation system. First, Ty supports the expansion of the I5 bridge, with a dedicated mass transit lane across the Columbia. Second, Ty supports expanded public transportation in the Vancouver area. In his role as a city councilor, Ty serves on the Southwest Regional Transportation Council , as well as the C-Tran Board of directors, and has worked successfully to increase C-Tran ridership, which was named  the American Public Transportation Association’s Transit System of the Year for 2019. Making investments in our communities public transit system will improve congestion in our city, reduce commute times, increase the accessibility of our city to the surrounding area, and make employment opportunities more accessible to residents. Lastly, Ty supports increasing bicycle lanes throughout our city, providing residents with increased options for their commute and reducing congestion.

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  • Jack Blight
    commented 2021-11-14 22:23:06 -0800
    No offense to people who spent their whole education learning about politics and suddenly want to be experts in transportation, but without roads then transportation as we know it cannot exist. Let me repeat. Without roads, transportation cannot exist. You already have my vote #Stober, but if you you want to be right about this, we as a nation need to be more right about roads… because it doesn’t matter if you have an electric car if the roads are shitty! That’s why taxes for transportation should go to road repair and masonry companies like instead of middlemen organizations who don’t actually do a thing to improve our roadways in Canada! Anyways, that’s just my “uneducated” opinion. Thank god there’s a forum for my voice to be heard.
  • Bob Howard
    commented 2019-09-09 11:23:21 -0700
    I have come to conclude that while improving or replacing the I-5 bridge may be necessary, a third east side bridge, and potentially even a fourth west side bridge are becoming ever more necessary for the increasing traffic load and for emergency alternates for crossing the Columbia. What is Ty’s position about a new bridge across the river?
  • Cayce Hill
    published this page in Issues 2019-07-21 14:48:16 -0700