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  • Jak Lkop
    commented 2019-10-06 16:26:34 -0700
    Hello this is jebbebyeb sorry for calling your worker and telling him to get off my property
  • Guy Michelson
    commented 2019-09-19 19:09:25 -0700
    Ty, I will be frank and upfront. I am MOST disappointed in you. We even had a meeting with 2 of my neighbors about the Navigation Center. I have noticed that NOT once were you ever at one of the meeting held at the center. David Regan has. an email was sent to Bart Hansen with NO reply in fact after it was sent he attended one of the meeting, I tried to speak with him, he wanted nothing to do with speaking to us citizens who live NEAR the center. I have twice now had my medications stolen from my front porch. Unfortunately HIV meds are not cheap, to the tune of $2500.00 I went 6 weeks cutting what meds I had (1) in half and (2) taking them every other day. Fortunately a friend in another state has friends in Canada, they were able to secure my meds for a fraction off the price. this last monday I attended the council meeting, hoping to speak to the council Our mayor cut me off, had me speak with a police officer. and yes we have been told to our face by the police dept, oh crime has not risen in the area. BS today I finally heard from the police dept. the comments were 1. crime has skyrocketed since the center has opened. 2. we were told the police would start patrolling the area with a bicycle . Yes I saw it once about 3 months ago. from what I understand they are more CONCERNED with the new waterfront. that is where they are patrolling also on monday, I needed something at Walmart. I was approached by a young lady offering her services for money. she was waiting for her drug dealer. honestly I can probably find some of my meds from the dealers at cheaper prices. after leaving the council meeting, I was having car trouble, I had to walk home right past the Center. I guess they feel they are entitled to block or sleep on the street. I as one to please move. what did I get , threatened with what I assume was some kind of weapon in someone’s pocket. yes I called 911 to them it wasn’t important. about 90 min later I received a call. I told them about the incident that morning and evening along with how my meds had been stolen.

    today I received a call from Sgt Musser, she WAS NOT amused by what I had to say. she also made a report on my meds something Vancouver police never did before.

    yes I did watch the August report, Councilor Paulsen said it correctly, about people losing all faith in our city government.

    I have lost complete faith in our city council. for several reasons. 1. before you ran the Hough area along with Fruit Valley, Rose Village and Maplewood weren’t exactly the most desirable areas to buy or live in. we you did get your area cleaned up, with the homeless and drug dens. we as the citizens who lived near the proposed center said NO, did the council listen. HELL NO. before the primary I wrote to each and every person running. the only person to reach out to me, was Sarah Fox, yes I still have her email. she stated that the council has looked the other way on what is happening with the center. even speaking today to Sgt Musser, she too said, YES the crime rate has skyrocketed because of the center. her words were IT NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN, OR REORGANIZED. on monday the 23th I am having to take off work from my P/T job so as to address the council. my boss is NOT happy, I could very well be told I’m being replaced, since I had to miss time because for the past several months not having my proper meds, and being this is the only way I can get the full council to hear what I have to say. as I told the police, I no longer feel safe in my house, if my next door neighbor is home, then yes, to even do work on my front year, I’m tired of battling the transients and street traffic. my only real safe guard is I have 2 collies, its because of their size and bark that I know if someone is coming on to my property.

    as for voting, I voted for you when you first ran, have I seen changes that help our neighborhood NO. I am sure my neighbors feel the same, but as for my vote, it will go for David Regan.

    I am leaving my home phone, but seriously doubt I will hear from you.

  • Buzz Avery
    commented 2019-09-14 13:45:28 -0700
    Do you purpose adding more homeless facilities such as Navigation Center?
  • Buzz Avery
    commented 2019-09-14 13:43:29 -0700
    Do you purpose converting the parking spaces on Columbia to bike lanes?