Housing and Community

Having lived and worked in the metro area all his life, Ty knows the importance of ensuring that housing remains affordable for the 175,000 people who call Vancouver home. Having a stable amount of affordable housing is of vital importance to Vancouver’s growth, as it allows families to move into and live in our community, patronize and staff our local businesses, and help Vancouver grow. Yet while the metropolitan area experiences historic growth, alongside housing and rental price increases, calling Vancouver home is becoming more and more difficult for many families. 

Ty is working hard to combat the home affordability crisis. Ty is working to pass an inclusionary zoning policy, which will ensure that all future residential development will include affordable units for individuals and families making less than the median area income. This policy will provide Vancouver's most vulnerable with the opportunity to continue to live in homes in our city, close to the businesses they patronize and work at. 

While housing affordability has decreased significantly, for many in Vancouver, even those with jobs, housing has become out of reach. Chronic homelessness has become a major issue in our community. Ty is working hard to change this. As part of his role on the city council, Ty has served on the Council for the Homeless. Ty supports the creation of two additional resource centers in the Vancouver area, so that those experiencing homelessness throughout the community will have greater access to the trauma informed care and assistance they need to get back on their feet. 

While working to ensure that housing remains affordable in our area, and that those for whom housing has become inaccessible have the resources they need, Ty is also working to improve the livability of the Vancouver area by investing in our parks and improving city accessibility. While on the city council, Ty has made efforts to regreen the parks of our community, and promote the redevelopment of the Vancouver waterfront. These investments will increase the livability of Vancouver for us as residents, as well as help foster tourism based businesses. 

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