Attracting and Retaining Business

     Before serving on the city council, Ty earned an MBA and spent nearly 20 years in sales, marketing, business operations, and business leadership. Ty’s business background provides him personal experience of how Vancouver can best serve local businesses, and the importance of making strategic public investments to support and foster a thriving business community. 

     Vancouver's proximity to the Portland Metropolitan area provides our community with many opportunities to grow alongside the rest of the region. However, in order to leverage the historic economic growth the metro is experiencing, we need to make strategic and strong investments throughout our community to encourage businesses location and residential development in the Vancouver area. 

     Since joining the city council, Ty has worked hard to make these strategic investments in our community. Ty led the charge to investing in Fourth Plain, developing the Heights, supported the redevelopment of the waterfront, and supports the development of the Section 30 industrial site. 

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