About Ty

Four years ago, I knew that campaigning for Vancouver City Council would be hard work and serving as your Councilor would demand commitment, thoughtfulness, and dedication.  Still, I could not have imagined the thrill of participating in the accomplishments our City has made since my election. It’s been an honor to serve our community and I am excited to run for re-election.

During my time in office Council has made exciting strategic investments throughout the city, addressed the condition of our roads, re-greened our parks, and increased our public safety resources. We have deepened our partnership with C-TRAN to spawn economic opportunity through a reliable and convenient bus rapid transit system. We have started tackling vulnerabilities with our public facilities that will be vital in a natural disaster. I am most proud that Council and the community are noted around the state and nation for being affordable housing leaders.

As a growing and evolving city the issues facing Vancouver are nuanced and complex. Our demographics and the needs of our residents are rapidly changing. We exist in a society that is asking tough questions of itself and confronting issues of race, gender, and socio-economic status with new energy. Every action Council takes impacts our residents. In my decision-making I try hard to hear and represent the voices in our community that feel left out and left behind.

My time on Council has been rewarding. We have begun many projects and initiatives to strengthen our community that I want to see come to fruition. I am eager to continue building economic and social opportunity that connects our youth, our aging population, and our families to a growing, vibrant city.

I am a metro area native with deep connection to Vancouver. My first job out of college was for Larsen Electronics and I have lived here for most of my adult life. As a kid my family would come for dinner at the Thunderbird in at the Quay, my godmother would take me to The Holland House for brunch, I had a birthday at Uncle Milt's, and I visited Fort Vancouver. My personal history drives my passion for the city and my vision for sustainable economic development and vibrant neighborhoods.

Thank you for learning about my campaign. I look forward to connecting as neighbors in this great city.

We are Connecting Vancouver, Together!