Investing in Public Safety

One of the most crucial roles of local government is assuring the safety of the community. When fire, police, medical and mental health services are more readily available, Vancouver is safer, healthier, and stronger. Since joining the city council, Ty has served on the Safe Communities Task Force where he has worked hard to advocate for and promote policies that improve public safety in the Vancouver area. 

In addition to this, Ty has worked hard to increase the effectiveness and capabilities of emergency services in the city. Since joining the council, Ty has worked to relocate and rebuild fire stations one and two, changing the distribution of fire services around the city to decrease response times and adapt to shifting population densities in the Vancouver area. 

Ty has also worked to provide additional resources to law enforcement in the Vancouver area. Ty helped pass a measure increasing the Vancouver police force by 42 positions by 2020. Ty has also worked to provide resources for the Vancouver police department to revive the Traffic Control Unit, ensuring that the streets of our community are safe for motorists and pedestrians. 

 Living in Vancouver, as we know, places us in an area at risk of a major seismic event. Ensuring that our public safety facilities are adapted for this risk is of great importance.  Ty has worked to secure funding to perform seismic upgrades on four fire stations in the community, which will ensure that our firefighters will be able to respond to such events. 

Ty has received the endorsement of the Vancouvers Firefighters Association, as public service professionals know they can trust Ty to ensure that public safety is given the resources it needs to keep our community safe.

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