What's your business background?

I am a small business owner and often feel that government doesn't understand what it takes to be successful.  Why should I trust that you are any different?


I have a Masters in Business Administration from one of the top schools in the country, led a 50 person national sales force, had profit and loss responsibility for a $15 million dollar business unit, worked to buy and start companies and pulled money out of my personal savings account to make payroll.  I intimately understand the challenges of starting and growing a business.

I believe city government can be a great partner to businesses by making strategic investments that lower transaction costs and improves the skills of our workforce.  That means:

  • Investing in all forms of transportation,
  • Partnering with our K-12 schools and higher education institutions and supporting apprenticeship training,
  • Streamlining permitting, and
  • Making sure our citizens have access to quality high speed internet access at an affordable price.

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