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As of this morning, I am in 3rd place, with only about 100 votes left to count. This means I will not be advancing to the General election. I am grateful for the staff, volunteers and supporters that energized the campaign and made it possible.

To me, the means justify the ends and I am proud of the race we ran. The campaign contacted thousands of residents and I heard over and over that the contact was appreciated. I believe that is the heart of true governance.

Taking liberties with the Book of Proverbs, “Without vision, the people parish.” My goal was to remind people that this city deserves a grand vision. There is no reason, as my friend Les Lomax says, that we cannot be a Paris on the Columbia.

I have lived in this community for most of the last twenty years. Lamar and I have made it our home and are deeply vested here. I am excited to continue playing an active role in shaping the future of our city and region.

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