What do you think about Vancouver's infrastructure?

How would you describe the current condition (deficiencies, assets, and priorities) of the City of Vancouver's transportation system in relation to infrastructure for bicycle and pedestrian modes? What priorities do you see for safe and efficient transportation that would be usable by citizens of all ages?


As a cyclist and user of public transportation, I know well our city’s transportation assets and deficiencies.  For my campaign I am walking neighborhoods all over the city where I see first hand the degradation of sidewalks and other infrastructure.  In addition to walking and biking options, many of our residents rely on transit.  While C-Tran is a great asset in many ways, we need to continue working hard so C-Tran can continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our communities.  

To repair and maintain infrastructure, we must pass a streets package to generate the needed funding.  I also think we need to look at special use districts that would allow neighborhoods to improve sidewalks to be financed through property taxes.  Bottom line, our transportation infrastructure is critical to our economy and to our quality of life.  Neglecting it will cost us more in the long run, while investing in excellent transportation options provides equal autonomy to citizens of all ages and income levels.


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