Day 3 and climbing!

On day 3, election results keep moving in Ty's direction. 


Ty's lead has increased to 3.22% - 778 votes.  It is still close, but not many more ballots are expected.

Ty - 12,384 - 51.18%

Linda - 11,606 - 47.96%

Write-ins - 167 - 0.71%

Some interesting notes:

  • The percentages in the graphic ignore write-in votes.
  • 500 more people voted for Ty or Linda than in either of the other two city council races.  This race engaged the public more than the other races which both had incumbents running for reelection.
  • After having the highest voter turnout of any primary election in the past nine years, this is turning out to be the worst general election turnout over the same period and probably ever for Clark County.  Potentially that is because the County Council both caused many voters to engage and even more voters to disengage.

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